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Rosie Aiello, MBA is the founder of ClearVista Consulting, which specializes in productivity and organizing consultancy for small businesses.  She works with busy entrepreneurs who want to have less stress and more time to grow their business. She brings over 30 years of experience in areas including corporate finance, non-profits, small businesses, and living and working internationally.  Juggling many hats, a business owner who has difficulty being organized, or is trying to manage without systems in place will more likely be wasting time, making poor decisions and become overwhelmed, all of which impede success.

ClearVista Consulting provides hands-on practical solutions: creating systems to manage areas such as paper flow, electronic data, priorities, time management, delegation, and tracking prospects and revenue generation. Rosie is an expert at assessing your business challenges and your own personal needs.  She works with you to develop processes and systems that will run your business more efficiently and effectively for increased productivity, better focus and higher profits, and putting you back in control. She analyzes financial statements to help you understand your business better and make sounder business decisions. Confidential and non-judgmental.

Born and raised in California, and a granddaughter of Italian immigrants Rosie Aiello, who was instilled early on with a hard-working ethic, completed a double major in French and Economics from UC Berkeley, and an MBA in finance from San Francisco State University.

She joined the forces of the emerging California Silicon Valley high tech companies, where she rose from the ranks of analyst to finance manager in a short time. With her French and financial background, she was sent by her company to assist in their French office.  Having already studied in Paris during college, living and working in Paris cemented what would be her life-long love for the city of lights, French culture, and France’s beautiful countryside.

Embraced with curiosity and adventure, Rosie left the comfortable confines of Silicon Valley to set out to the Middle East.  She lived for over a decade in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, among one of the most closed societies and conservative cities in the world; yet, the experience opened her eyes to a wonderfully rich and interesting nation.  She often hosted parties with more than 20 different cultures represented.  She consulted for small businesses, including female Saudi business owners and managers.  In addition, she produced monthly live shows for the American Women’s Society, and other fund raising events.  Shows included guests representing many parts of the world—South America, Europe, Japan, North America, Africa and, of course, the Middle East.  The experience of working with different cultures and work ethics, with political and religious constraints, and in a clearly male-dominated society strengthened Rosie’s ability to get the job done no matter what the challenges, and improved her communication skills.

She wasn’t quite finished with the Middle East: She moved from hot, dry and wealthy Saudi Arabia to lush, green and struggling Lebanon, for another nearly 12 year stint.  Water and electricity shortages were daily challenges.  Political assassinations, car bombings and war were a frequent part of the political landscape which was a shocking contrast to the beautiful mountainous and green countryside, and to the historically rich and diverse culture.  Driving through fire during political protests, aiding Americans evacuate during the 2006 war, and then finally escaping with her family during a lull in that war, and observing tracer bullets, which gave a new meaning to fireworks proved that Rosie can function in just about any scenario and come out of it energized and thankful for the experience.  With this backdrop, Rosie raised her daughter, worked in a small engineering company, consulted for businesses, volunteered at her daughter’s school, and at St. Jude’s Cancer Hospital for Children, and distributed food and clothing to the poor.  She was a free-lance writer, and wrote her own newsletter for six years covering cultural and political issues in the Middle East.  She was selected by the BBC to participate in a live discussion on the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli war.

Returning to her roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rosie Aiello started ClearVista Consulting following her passion of planning and organizing so small business owners could become more productive, have more success, and have more time to pursue their goals.  Her analytical capabilities, focus on detail, compassion, and passion have been keys to her success during her entire career.  Pursuing her interest in different cultures, she also holds a facilitator’s certificate in Cultural Detective, a tool for identifying cross-cultural values and identifying how they influence behavior and decisions.